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ZappaFrenzy is a webpage for collectors and those, who are interested in Frank Zappa/Mothers and related singles. Everything from 7" singles, 12" maxi singles, other formats to acetates are covered here.
The database has expanded a great deal since the site was launched. You will find many rare items and a lot of singles not listed anywhere else on the World Wide Web.
ZappaFrenzy does also have a exciting Paul Buff, Dave Aerni and the Pal Studio section.

ZappaFrenzy is constructed and maintained by myself (Bjørn Olav Herheim/Knepo). Images are from my own collection unless noted.

I hope you find ZappaFrenzy interesting! Pictures of missing singles and information are very welcome.

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Tor Haugland for helping me with the web design, technical advises and for his photos from Kalvøya 1973.
Tom Luigi Cozzolino for spell checks and grammar.
Snoopi for support.
Special thanks to everyone who has contributed with images and information.
And special thanks to Bjørn M. Bruun for naming this site.

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I was contacted by a guy claiming to be Frank Wonneberg asking for scans of records and singles for the new Grand Zappa book. This is a fraud and it is not the real Frank Wonneberg. We also think it is the same guy who called himself Frank Zapped on facebook and posted a lot of pictures of rare singles.

We think this guy is using the scans he got to try and sell rare records he does not have. The Frank Zapped guy (who we think is the same guy) on facebook offered rare stuff for sale and guy bought some stuff from this fraud and didn't get anything!


First update in a long long long time!

Today I visited a good friend and as usual we went to his Zappa room. He then said he had something he wanted to show me and I was excited as I always am when I know I’m about to see some new Zappa stuff. He came with a 10” acetate and said “check this out”. I had a look at the label and what I saw blew me away! It was the Florence Marly “Space Boy” acetate!! This is the coolest “single” related item I have ever seen since I started collecting singles! Oh my god!! We put it on and it sounded damn good. What an experience it was.

Check out the pictures her:

Florence Marly - Space Boy


The US version of Don't Eat The Yellow Snow/Down In De Dew is finally here!


Picture upgrade of the US Deseri/Jelly Roll Gum Drop (version 1)


Just added pictures of a sealed Don't Eat The Yellow Snow/Cosmik Debris that is attached to a long cardboard sheet. Quite interesting find that I have not seen before.


The European RSD release of Don't Eat The Yellow Snow/Down In De Dew is now on Frenzy!

images of the rare Valley Girl/You Are What You Is US promo version with the longer Valley Girl from Eelco Janzen.


Another pressing of the The Buff Organization - Kepex Demonstration Record has been found. This is the first pressing of the record.


Just added VINYL IS NOT DEAD, IT JUST SMELLS FUNNY – THE FRANK ZAPPA SINGLES to the ZappaFrenzy research center. This fantastic book by Dieter Jakob has 530 pages about Zappas singles and more than 3000 pictures!! Click the link above to read more about it and how to order.


A very special item on ZappaFrenzy today!

The unreleased acetate version of Girl From The East by Bobby Jameson and Frank Zappa.

Special thanks to Bobby Jameson who provided the picture of this amazing acetate.

Christian sent me pictures of the italian Tears Began To Fall/Junier Mintz Boogie juke box version sleeve. The sleeve is a hole cover made out of the picture sleeve.


The new maxi on Barking Pumpkin Records is finally on ZappaFrenzy!

Help I'm A Rock/It Can't Happen Here/Who Are The Brain Police?/Who Are The Brain Police? - Basic Tracks

It's available from Barfko-Swill (US) and G & S Music (UK)


Another mega rare Pal Studio single today! Check out the promo copy of The Biscaines - Blue Skies/Menagerie. This is on the Yukon label which was one of Paul Buff's own labels.


I normally don't post pictures of LP's on ZappaFrenzy, but this item was so unique that I thought it would be appropriate to have pictures of it here. This promo LP features A and B sides of singles that were released October month, 1968 in Japan. Both "Motherly Love" and "I Ain't Got No Heart" are found on this LP.

Motherly Love/I Ain't Got No Heart (Japan)


We finally got the US version of I'm The Slime/Montana (2013 version) on Frenzy! Pictures from Eelco Janzen.


The European version of I'm The Slime/Montana (2013 version) for distribution in Italy is now on ZappaFrenzy. It's the same as the regular European version, but with a SIAE sticker on the sleeve.


Eelco Janzen was the first one to send me pictures of the new RSD single. I made a new entry for this single, since it has a different mix of "Montana".

Here is: I'm The Slime/Montana (2013 version) (Europe/France)


Another single for Band Members And Related Artists section from Ton Van Mierle

The Turtles - Elenore/Surfer Dan (Turkish pressing)


The new US version of Joe's Garage/Central Scrutinizer added today was pressed by PRC Recording Corp., Compton, California.

Great new find from Eelco Janzen!

A third version of the US Joe's Garage/Central Scrutinizer.

Ton Van Mierle sent pictures of a new version of The Tornadoes - Bustin' Surfboards/Beyond The Surf.


Eelco Janzen sent me picture upgrades for the Dutch What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning/Daddy, Daddy, Daddy sleeve.


Here is finally an update. It has exciting new singles in both Frank Zappa and Paul Buff sections. Enjoy!

Frank Zappa section:

From Alan Mansfield:
The Hollywood Persuaders - Tijuana/Grunion Run (Audition Copy)

From Håkon Busterud:
The Knack - Softly, Softly/The Spell (German pressing with picture sleeve)

From Hans Peter Schmidt:
Cliff Richard/Grand Funk Railroad - My Kinda Life/Can You Do It (Italian jukebox edition)

From Eelco Janzen:
Frank Zappa/Herbie Mann - Disco Boy/Bird Walk (Very cool jukebox title-strip set)

Paul Buff Section:

From myself:
Ricky Dean - Blue Tears/Little Girl (On the mega rare EMMY label and what is supposed to be Ricky Dean's handwriting on the label)
Paul Buff - Slow Bird/Blind Man’s Buff (Picture upgrade)

From Dan:
The Biscaines - Blue Skies/Menagerie (first pressing on the extremely rare Yukon label)

From Håkon Busterud:
Johnny Gatewood - Pocketful Of Rainbows/Over And Done (PRO label)
Johnny Fortune - If You Love Me/Alone And Cryin' (unofficial reissue)


Here are the first updates for 2013!

Here are some more Buff Stuff from myself:

Sonny Wilson - Troubled Times/Lonely Nights (On the rare Plaza label)
The Genteels - Take It Off/Hitchhiker (Capitol Records pressing)

Eelco Janzen sent me another title-strip for Dancin' Fool/Baby Snakes

Alice Cooper on Straight from Håkon Busterud:

Eighteen/Body (UK stock copy!!!!!!)
Caught In A Dream/Hallowed Be My Name (US stock copy!)

Beefheart label upgrades from Håkon Busterud:

Diddy Wah Diddy/Who Do You Think You're Fooling? (US version 1)
Diddy Wah Diddy/Who Do You Think You're Fooling? (Canadian promo)
Yellow Brick Road/Abba Zaba (US version 2)


Here is another single from PAL Studios on the mega rare PLAZA label.

Check out: Johnny Gatewood - Pocketful Of Rainbows/Over And Done

(Special thanks to Hans Peter Schmidt, I wouldn't have gotten this single if it wasn't for him)


More Black Friday Beefheart releases presented by RECORD STORE DAY on the Sundazed Label from Eelco Janzen:

Abba Zaba/Yellow Brick Road
Plastic Factory/Where There's Woman


Big Leg Emma/Why Don'tcha Do Me Right 2012 release on Barking Pumpkin Records is finally here! This is the first 7" FZ release since 1991!

The rest of the Beefheart RSD reissues will come later this week.


It looks like Why Don'tcha Do Me Right, Big Leg Emma is no longer in stock at


Why Don'tcha Do Me Right, Big Leg Emma reissue will not be released until Black Friday (23rd of November), but I found a store where it is possible to pre-order it. go to and pre-order your copy of this new fantastic 7"!


It's soon Black Friday and the pictures of one of the three Beefheart singles that are about to be released have arrived! My dear friend Eelco Janzen sent them to me today.

Check out: Upon The My-O-My/I Got Love On My Mind (from Sundazed)

Black Friday is on the 23rd of November. Go here to find out where you can get the black friday releases presented by Record Store Day: RECORD STORE DAY

There will also be a Frank Zappa release on this years Black Friday.

Check out: Why Don'tcha Do Me Right, Big Leg Emma


Another update for the Buff section!

Here is the first release of Strawberry Alarm Clock - The Birdman Of Alkatrash/Incense And Peppermints on the rare All-American label. Buff engineered both tracks.


A long time since Frenzy was updated, but tonight you get something special!

Check out: Bob Guy - Dear Jeepers/Letter from Jeepers (Promo Copy!!!)
This is the only promo copy I have ever seen and the strange thing is that both songs are credited to Paul Buff!

Another update is a promo picture of Johnny Fortune, with references to Emmy records!



Picture upgrades for: The Masters - Sixteen Tons/Breaktime


More related singles!

Here are two Don And Dewey singles from Ton van Mierle. Don "Sugarcane" Harris was part of Don and Dewey.
Leavin' It All Up To You/Jelly Bean
Farmer John/Big Boy Pete

From Eelco Janzen you get the Dutch: The Turtles - Happy Together/We'll Meet Again.

And from our new friend Jari Hartikainen from Finland you get the: Christopher Bond - A Good Love/A Good Love single without the mirrored b-side.

My friend Søren Christiansen visited me sometime ago and he brought some new singles for ZappaFrenzy.

Check out:

My Guitar/Dog Breath (NZ pressing with the correct b-side label)
Tears Began To Fall/Junier Mintz Boogie (test pressing version 2)

And here are a couple of Buff/Pal singles from me:

Johnny Fortune - I'm A Fool For You/Gee But I Miss You
Johnny Fisher - Tell Me Yes/Dream Tonight (picture upgrade)


More Buff/PAL stuff from Crossfire Publications!!

We got the great PAUL BUFF PRESENTS HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE PAL AND ORIGINAL SOUND STUDIO ARCHIVES not long ago, but it does not stop there! Three more sets are ready for pre-order.

Click the links below for detailed information and how to order.





A small update today!

Title strip for Disco Boy/Ms. Pinky

More Buff related singles!

The Biscaines - Blue Skies/Menagerie (single from Belgium!!!)
Hunger! - Colors/Mind Machine (promo copy)
The Catalinas - Your Tender Lips/Gonna Tell (promo)


Here is another mega rare surf single recorded at the PAL Studios, engineered by Paul Buff and produced by Paul Buff and Dave Aerni.

The Esquires - Flashin' Red/What A Burn!


Just got back from vacation and today you will get an important update.

Bobby Jameson - Gotta' Find My Roogalator/Lowdown Funky Blues (stock copy, version 2)

Here is a different version of this very rare stock copy. it has light blue labels and was pressed at Columbia Records, Terre Haute, Indiana.


A couple of things today.

Dieter Jakob sent me a picture of the Dutch The Man From Utopia Meets Mary Lou/Sex with a promo sticker on the picture sleeve.

Eelco Janzen sent me a picture of the US Captain Beefheart - Yellow Brick Road/Abba Zaba promo copy with a date stamp.

More related singles with band members and cover versions will come soon!


Here are some more singles for the Discreet section From Hans-Peter Schmidt!

Kathy Dalton - At The Tropicana/Long Gone Charlie, Hit And Run (Australia)
Kathy Dalton - Boogie Bands And One Night Stands/Pour Your Wine All Over Me (Canada)
Kathy Dalton - Boogie Bands And One Night Stands/Pour Your Wine All Over Me (Australia)
Kathy Dalton - Boogie Bands And One Night Stands/Pour Your Wine All Over Me (New Zealand)


Some more rare Discreet singles from Hans-Peter Schmidt today!

Tim Buckley - Quicksand/Stone In Love (US stock copy)
Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes - Free Flight/Sasha (First German pressing)
Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes - Free Flight/Sasha (Promo copy with promo sheet)

More Discreet stuff will come!


I have just added a mail piece that was sent out to radio stations to promote "I Don't Wanna Get Drafted".
You can find pictures of it here:
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted/I Don't Wanna Get Drafted
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted/I Don't Wanna Get Drafted (Maxi)

I just found a stock copy version of Eric Burdon & The Animals - MGM Celebrity Scene. This is the first time I have ever seen a stock copy of this box set. I am quite sure that The Other Side Of This Life/It's All Meat (arranged by Frank Zappa) was never released outside this box. All the stock and promo copies of this single that I have seen has "CS 11-5 Rec. No. 5" on the label. This means "Celebrity Scene 11-5 record number 5".

I have now added the entire box set in the main discography.
Check out: Eric Burdon & The Animals - MGM Celebrity Scene.

Some more Buff singles!

Terri And Johnny - Your Tender Lips/I Miss You So (produced and engineered by Paul Buff at the Pal Recording Studios. This is the original "Your Tender Lips")

The Catalinas - Your Tender Lips/Gonna Tell (Advance Release) (Paul Buff plays all instruments and sings on both tracks. His wife Allison sings on "Gonna Tell")

More singles on the Discreet label and singles by Frank Zappa's band members will come soon!


Another single deleted from the Missing Singles list!
Check out: Grand Funk Railroad - Pass It Around/Don't Let 'Em Take Your Gun (UK stock copy)


Some new MGM/Verve factory sleeve information today!

New interesting comments for the Plain Brown Factory Sleeve.
Read How Could I Be Such A Fool?/Help I'm A Rock (version 4) comments to see that this single came with MGM Records Sleeve (version 1)

I have also added confirmed info about MGM sleeves under the comments for Burt Ward - Boy Wonder I Love You/Oranged Colored Sky and Eric Burdon & The Animals - The Other Side Of This Life/It's All Meat.


More Buff and Aerni singles!

The Pharos - Pintor/Rhythm Surfer (Dave Aerni wrote, produced and engineered both sides ar Pal Recording Studios)
The Friendly Torpedos - Nothin's Too Good For My Car/So Long Ago (Paul Buff produced, engineered and played all instruments except the guitars on both tracks)

Eelco Janzen also sent me picture upgrades for the US How Could I be Such A Fool/Help I'm A Rock (version 3)


Here are some more Paul Buff related singles!

From Eelco Janzen: The Hollywood Persuaders Persuasion/Juarez (stock copy)
From myself: Incense And Peppermints/The Birdman Of Alkatrash (New Zealand)

Eelco also sent me a label upgrade for the Durch Who Are The Brain Police?/Trouble Comin' Every Day (version 2)


Detritus sent me some more Turtles singles, that goes to Frank Zappa's Band Members And Related Artists
Check out:
The Turtles - You Know What I Mean/You Know What I Mean (US promo)
The Turtles - You Know What I Mean/Rugs Of Woods & Flowers (US stock copy)
The Turtles - Elenore/Surfer Dan (US stock copy)
The Turtles - You Showed Me/Buzz Saw (US stock copy)


Found another single for the Buff/Pal section!
Check out: Fat Daddy Holmes - Chicken Rock/Where Yo Is (US promo copy)

More rare Beefheart from Håkon Busterud!!

Too Much Time/Low Yo Yo Stuff (US promo with gatefold sleeve)
Hard Workin' Man/Hard Workin' Man (US promo version 1)
Upon The My-O-My/Rock 'N' Roll's Evil Doll/New Electric Ride/Sugar Bowl/ Same Old Blues/Magic Be aka. Six-pack Six-Track(UK test pressing)


Big update today!!

Alan Mansfield sent me pictures of no less than 28! discreet singles.
Go to Related Labels for the index.

Information regarding Discreet factory sleeves will come later.


Another amazing update today!!

RJ sent me pictures of another Frank Zappa acetate!
Check out: Dog Breath/Dog Breath Variations (more information under comments)

Here are the last Beefheart's from Håkon. More may arrive later.

This update are his UK acetates.

Diddy Wah Diddy/Moonchild
Moonchild/Who Do You Think You're Fooling?


A section for 12" Beefheart singles is now up and running.
Here are two 12" Maxi's from Håkon Busterud

An Interview With Captain Beefheart/Ry Cooder - Talking About
Various Artists - "Direct News"/"Direct News"

More rare Beefheart will come!

Eelco Janzen sent me pictures of the Beefheart limited edition record store day release.

Check out: Diddy Wah Diddy/Who Do You Think You're Fooling? - Moonchild/Here I Am, I Always Am (double single with gatefold sleeve)


Detritus has commented on the french Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do/Yellow Brick Road test pressing.

More Beefheart from Håkon Busterud today!

Radio Spots For Captain Beefheart "Lick My Decals Off, Baby" Reprise Album RS 6420 (USA)
Radio Spots For Beefheart-Cooder Tour (USA)
Too Much Time/My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains (South Africa)

More Beefheart will come!


A tiny update from myself.

Wild Man Fischer - The Circle/Merry-Go-Round (picture upgrade for US stock copy)

Does anyone have a stock copy of this single pressed by Columbia Records, Santa Maria, California? See matrix information for the promo copies if you want to know how to find out.

More nice Frenzy updates will come during weekend!


More Beefheart from Håkon Busterud!

Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do/Yellow Brick Road (French test pressing)
Where There's Woman/Plastic Factory (US Promo)

Even more Beefheart from Håkon will come later this week!


Great news for those of you who enjoy the Pal Studio singles!


5 CDs • 156 tracks (58 with Frank Zappa contributions) • 40-page color booklet • Reproductions of original 45 RPM labels • Many tracks making their CD debuts

$35 plus $10 shipping to any location

The first 200 pre-orders will receive both Tornadoes CDs ("Now And Then" and "Charge Of The Tornadoes"). These CDs contain a total of 11 tracks engineered by FZ, and none of them are on the set above.

Approximate Release Date: May 28, 2012

PayPal payments can be sent to

Go here for track listing


Here is the last Beefheart single from Håkon, that you get today:
Yellow Brick Road/Abba Zaba (US version 1)

More rare Beefheart will come during the week!!

More amazing Beefheart from Håkon Busterud today!

Moonchild/Here I Am, I Always Am ( Test pressing)
Moonchild/Frying Pan US stock copy)

Just added some more information and pictures to the Diddy Wah Diddy/Who Do You Think You're Fooling? singles.

Rare Beefheart singles from Håkon Busterud!

Here is the first batch of mega rare Beefheart singles. Tonight you get several versions of Diddy Wah Diddy/Who Do You Think You're Fooling?

USA Promo copy
Canadian pressing
Belgian pressing and
Australian stock copy

More rare Beefheart will come in near future!



I got two singles today and the most interesting one is: The Rhythm Surfers - "502" (Like Getting Pinched On A 502)/Big City Surfer. Both tracks are produced and engineered by Dave Aerni and Frank Zappa at Pal Recording Studios. It is on Aerni's Daytone label.

The other single is a Australian promo copy of Grand Funk Railroad - Can You Do It/1976 (Produced by Frank Zappa)



Here is a new single with Frank Zappa's contribution. Frank Zappa plays guitar on both sides. It is not very hard to hear it's him, when you listen to the songs. This is such a great recording!!
Check out: Tommy Flanders - Friday Night City/Reputation (more info on this page)

I have also added a picture upgrade for The Knack - Softly, Softly/The Spell (USA version 1)

I also got something special for those of you who enjoy Paul Buff Stuff!
Check out: Kepex Demonstration Record.

Erlend Sundin visited me today and he brought a new Acetate!
Check out: Help I'm A Rock (UK)


Here are the two first of some updates that will come in near future!

From Hans-Peter Schmidt:

Peaches En Regalia (Music Box) (the original from 2003)

From Eelco Janzen:

Valley Girl/You Are What You Is (b-side label with misprint)